COPYLIGHT: Nested license sample

Let's imagine that the outer text in this case is something that we wish to apply a license to which is restrictive in some way, such as an "all rights reserved" license. And lets imagine if you ever try to copy more than one sentence out of it then you will get a watermark and a warning. However, let's imagine that you also want to cite material from a source which has a less restrictive license...such as Wikipedia. For instance, the article about post-scarcity:

Traditionally, creators have used (and continue to use) raw materials to instantiate their works: a painter might use oil and canvas, a sculptor might work in clay, an architect might draft designs in pen and ink. Such work would result in a single copy (or "artifact"). While mass reproduction of such works ("impressions") - by processes such as printmaking or photocopying - is possible and common, such reproduction still incurs appreciable costs (for example for the paper used, and for the physical distribution of the copy).

Where the artifact can be captured digitally, copies have minimal reproduction costs. The same painter could create an original work with graphics software; the sculptor might use rapid prototyping, direct digital manufacturing, and 3D printing; the architect CAD/CAM tools. Most of the "cost" in such works is in paying for the original design and development - for the creators' expertise and for their tools (though these also do not wear out the same way physical tools do). While the creators of such works must still labor to create the design matrix, there are virtually no raw-materials required to recreate the work once completed.

This negligible-cost reproduction raises the question, "How much should one pay for something that can be copied near-indefinitely at minimal expense?" Does a purchaser have the right to reproduce their own copy as much as they can afford to? Some people believe the purchaser does not or should not have any rights to copy or transfer ownership, and use Digital Rights Management to try to enforce this view. Other instead feel that information should be freely distributed (see copyleft), and that DRM measures are attempts to restore prior business models' viability by inducing artificial scarcity.

Many advocates of open source software and Free software attempt to collaboratively create open-source software programs which are intended to offer similar capabilities to their proprietary software competitors, but with the source code made public and permission granted for users to freely copy the software. Richard Stallman, the founder of the GNU project which designed the Free software GNU operating system, and co-founder of the free software movement, has explicitly cited the eventual creation of a post-scarcity society as one of his motivations:

"In the long run, making programs free is a step toward the post-scarcity world, where nobody will have to work very hard just to make a living. People will be free to devote themselves to activities that are fun, such as programming, after spending the necessary ten hours a week on required tasks such as legislation, family counseling, robot repair and asteroid prospecting. There will be no need to be able to make a living from programming."

So here we have a case of a nested license. In this case I escaped it so that the quote from Richard Stallman isn't participating in the system at represents a "hole" where no license trigger or watermark is generated.

Here's some more text

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